At the age of 12 after recently moving from São Paulo Brazil to New York, Diego Bittencourt developed an acute passion for music. Initially playing as a lead drummer for a Death Metal band called Deathrune- which played with huge names within the industry such as Deicide, Immolation, Malevolent Creation, Unleashed, Grave, Morbid Angel and Suffocation- he further enhanced his capacities as a musician.

While surrounded and fully immersed in Deathrune, Diego Bittencourt developed an aptitude for creating riffs on guitars. Parallel to his Death Metal project, he nurtured a love for synthesizers and electronic music.

N3VOA is profoundly influenced by old and new school versions of the electronic brand. Ranging from bands like Depeche Mode to old and new Leaether Strip To Neuroactive to Front Line Assembly to Skinny Puppy. N3VOA’s charged lyrics are intricately connected with Diego’s personal life experiences that blends catchy synths with unusual drum beats.